Smile with your eyes    
Have the opening line (then let him lead)
Give guys a break
Always kiss on the first date (but not more...)
Carry Cablight props when you go out

Nancy Slotnick has a B.A. in Psychological Anthropology from Harvard and she is a professional Dating Coach with a list of satisfied clients and hundreds of successful marriages to her credit. She created Drip ® , a coffee bar/dating service, which opened in June of 1996 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan , when she was still single. Since opening Drip, dating and relationships have been Nancy 's primary focus and area of expertise. She met her husband in 1999, and then made it her goal to help others to find the One. She founded Cablight, a brand which offers a range of services and products in the area of Lovelife management. Cablight also produces a DVD documenting her Program to find the One in 6 months or less. She has a treatment for a television series in negotiations currently. She is a natural interviewer, and these skills have been sharpened in her experiences as a matchmaker, headhunter and anthropologist conducting ethnographic studies at Harvard. Her unique blend of fun, hope and vulnerability in the dating process has made her famous and entertaining. Nancy lives in New York City with her husband, psychotherapist Daniel Aferiat, and their son.

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